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22 June 2007


Digital Ethics: A Threshold Forum

The Summer 2007 issue of Cable in the Classroom's Threshold: Exploring the Future of Education - released in conjunction with the 2007 National Educational Computing Conference - features articles focused on the challenges and benefits of Web 2.0 in today's education environment, produced in partnership with the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF).

[And, if you'll be at NECC this year, be sure to join us and our cable industry partners at numerous presentations and exhibits.]

In this podcast [MP3, 53MB], Dr. Ann Flynn, director of education technology for the National School Boards Association (and member of CIC's National Education Advisory Board), with the assistance of Threshold's Ellen Ullman, moderates a panel that explores the challenges of guiding student behavior in a world of web-based interaction. Panel participants include:
An edited transcript of this conversation appears as one of several excellent articles on this same topic on our site.

For those interested in learning more about digital ethics, internet safety, and media literacy, Cable in the Classroom offers a slew of additional resources. Educators, in particular, may be interested in recent past editions of Cable in the Classroom Magazine, as well as the "Media Smart for Teachers" section of our website. Parents would benefit from content in the current issue of Cable in the Classroom Magazine, published specifically with the summer needs of parents in mind, and the "Media Smart for Parents" section of our website.

While there are many great resources available online related to this topic, be sure to take a look at the recently launched parent resource developed by the cable industry: Point Smart. Click Safe. We'll be working with a wide array of content and distribution partners over the coming years to bring these resources to communities nationwide, including with PTA, PLA, AASL, Common Sense Media, iKeepSafe, NetSmartz Workshop, and SETDA.

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up to date and feel free to comment (below) or on iTunes to let us know what you think of this podcast (or the series)!

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